Welcome to Regional Hospice

We are a nonprofit organization that has been providing individualized, compassionate hospice care since 1983. Our highly-skilled, interdisciplinary team of physicians, nurses, hospice aides, social workers, chaplains, bereavement counselors and hospice-trained volunteers care for patients and their loved ones in their homes, assisted living and nursing facilities, at our residential Center for Comfort Care & Healing in Danbury, CT and in dedicated, private hospice suites at Danbury, New Milford and Norwalk Hospitals.

The Center for Comfort Care & Healing

Danbury, CT

Our beautiful 36,000-square-foot Center for Comfort Care & Healing is the first hospice residence of its kind in Connecticut and is available to anyone in the U.S. Center residents receive 24/7, expert clinical care in private suites and a caring, peaceful environment that replicates the comforts of home, where loved ones can focus on quality time together.  

The Center for Hope & Healing

Washington, CT

Our new Center for Hope & Healing is a place for emotional healing– where family members and loved ones can get support from social workers, therapists and trained volunteers. Offerings include caregiver and grief counseling support groups and spiritual renewal sessions through prayer, meditation and sound healing.

Our Patients and Their Loved Ones Share Their Stories

Susanne's Story of Gratitude

Living with a purpose and appreciation for life… 

Billy’s Story

Shining a ray of light on everyone around him…. 

Tyler’s Story

An angel, a hero and a best friend… 

We are a Nonprofit Hospice Provider.

Regional Hospice is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Every dollar raised through our fundraising efforts directly supports our commitment to loving and compassionate care for patients of all ages. Regardless of their inability to pay, we take care of all patients and supplement costs for those who are not covered by the standard medicare benefit.  We are beyond grateful for the generosity of our donors and volunteers that support our staff, hospice care and related programs.

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Our Partners

We are going back to entirely in-person new volunteer training

The dates are May 15, 16, 17, 22, 23 all in evening 6-9pm

The registration link is https://bttr.im/mhbpt