Our Mission

Regional Hospice approaches death by creating human connection and honoring each unique journey through a shared vision for living.

Our Values

  • Respect – We believe no two patients are the same and no end-of-life experience is either. Our approach honors the specialized needs of each patient.
  • Dignity – We believe a symptom-free, spiritually-fulfilled dignified death is the right of every patient.
  • Integrity – We operate at the highest levels of ethics and compliance, firmly committed to transparency and honesty.
  • Compassion – We care for our patients and their loved ones by walking alongside them in compassion and understanding without judgment.
  • Contentment – We ensure our patients and their loved ones can live fully in the face of loss according to their definition of quality of life.
  • DEI Statement – We are dedicated to creating an inclusive and equitable environment where all individuals are valued and respected. We believe that diversity enriches our experiences, strengthens our teams, and drives innovation.
"The center is a godsend."
“The daytime and nighttime staff members were wonderful, the surroundings beautiful, and the atmosphere serene. There were volunteers coming in and out all the time offering their help and time to all of us in need… It was so special for Judee to spend the last month of her life there.”
Patient with a vase of flowers
"I appreciated the little things the hospice team did."
“What a gift it was to be with my father for his last breath.”
Every Day was a Great Day: The Magical Garden of Dying Well
"Everything was bright. There was no sorrow. It was just very peaceful. Everything was just right."
Alex and Fran
“Grief is a whole lot of love.”